Product information

FITS panels consists of a PEI in-situ foamed foam and a fiber reinforced PEI(PPSU,PES) consolidated facing. 


Due to its totally thermoplastic nature FITS panels can be shaped and formed in seconds, with very low added weight
(< 5%). Therefore the products manufactured from FITS panels generally have a 10-40% lower weight then the parts from the nowadays applied materials like: Nomex Honeycomb, Foam or Alluminium. The revolutionary application technology gives significant cost savings especially at higher production rates.  Other advantages of the FITS panels are:

Product applications are:


FITS panels can be manufactured with a thickness of 3.2 upto 25 mm ( 0.125-1 inch ),
with a in-situ foam density of min. 80 – max 250 kg/m³, 5-15 pcf.
Facing thickness minimum 0.1 mm (0.004 inch) and max 0.6 mm (0.024 inch) thickness.
The fiber reinforced facings can be manufactured with reinforcements of glass,
carbon or aramid fibers, UD, fabrics, fleece or mats.
The facings can be colored to customer request.
Printing decoration by transfer printing is also possible.

Typical FITS panels are:


FITS panel

In situ foam density/thickness

PEI thermoplastic facings Resin content 33 ± 2%

Panel weight

T= 4 mm/ 0.15 inch

100 kg/m³/ 6.2 pcf
3.7 mm / 0.145 inch

2/1 US style 120 cons.
glass: 100 gr/ 0.22 lb/layer

830 gr/m²,
0.17 lb/ft²

T= 8 mm/ 0.315 inch

90 kg/m³/5,6 pcf
7.1 mm / 0.28 inch

2/2 US style 7781 cons. glass: 300 gr/ 0.66 lb/layer

2440 gr/m²,
0.5 lb/ft²

T= 7.5 mm/ 0.295 inch

90 kg/m³/ 5.6 pcf
7.1 mm / 0.28 inch

1/1 US style 7781 cons. glass: 300 gr/ 0.66 lb/layer

1540 gr/m², 0.17 lb/ft²


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